The Brits Backlash

I MUST confess I didn’t watch last night’s Brit Awards, a variety of reasons the main one being that I was still on a train home from University. But from what I have seen of the results and the fall out in the news it is the same old same old. Read the rest of this entry »


Obsolete journalists? Not quite yet

THE debate continues to rage as to what the role of journalists is in a tech savvy world? The advent of social media such as Twitter has no doubt changed the way people consume the news and how the news is even gathered. Read the rest of this entry »

Leeds Pays Tribute to Sir Jimmy Savile

Thousands of people turned out to pay tribute to the former DJ and TV personality Sir Jimmy Savile. The streets leading up to the cathedral were lined with people and the mood was sombre, as the funeral cortege passed there was a dignified applause. Sir Jimmy’s body was carried through in a gold casket, a nod to Top of the Pops presenter’s penchant for wearing gold. Read the rest of this entry »

Storm in a Glastonbury Puddle

Sunday night saw pop diva Beyonce headline the main stage at Glastonbury. It seemed everyone was watching. Everyone besides Zane Lowe it seems was watching the set, well at least that is what Twitter would have you believe. Read the rest of this entry »

A Thoroughly Professional Job

In the late 70’s the Sweeney revolutionised the police drama on ITV. But history tends to over look an equally revolutionary show on the same channel that came about as a response to the ever successful Sweeney. Read the rest of this entry »

Greatest TV Themes

Television Gold