At Cornetto trilogy’s end

POST Hot Fuzz there was a real buzz when Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg said they would be doing a third film. Read the rest of this entry »


A year ago on this day – veni, vidi, vici

EXACTLY one year ago to this day I put on a gown and funny hat to go and shake the hand of a woman dressed in a gown and even funnier hat.
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“Deliberate provocation” call to prayer on TV

TELEVISION broadcaster Channel 4 has been broadcasting Adhan during the holy month of Ramadan. Read the rest of this entry »

Third dimension? No thanks I’d rather sit blindfolded in the dark

THE in thing in film making over the past few years has been 3D, just as many had felt that it would be consigned to the same technological abyss as the laser disc. Read the rest of this entry »

Skewed news angle on Gaza attacks

YESTERDAY as I was browsing the BBC News website as I usually do when I get a little time, I came across this headline;

Gaza rocket fire kills Israelis

At least 20 Palestinians have been killed yet the BBC leads on the three Israelis who died in the rocket attack. Granted it was a developing story and the deaths of Israelis is less frequent than deaths of Palestinians but at the time of reading this story reports were already filtering through, including via the BBC of Israeli attacks on the Palestinians.

The news values were a bit skewed on this occasion by the BBC.

Author puts to bed ‘Muslim tide’ myth

A CANADIAN author has debunked the anti-Islamic myth of the Muslim population swarming the west.

According to three authoritative studies, in 2010 the Muslim population in the European Union was 18.2 million or 4.5%. By 2030 it is expected to reach 29.8 million or 7.1% and by 2050 it would reach 10%.

Doug Saunders the author behind The Myth of the Muslim Tide says, “If the West is being overwhelmed at all, it is not by Muslims.”

In Britain 28% of immigrants are Muslim, “If a religious group is taking over in the U.K., it is Catholics,” says Saunders.

The reporter for the Globe and Mail said: “The Muslim-tide hypothesis on the whole has no merit . . . The idea of a stealth takeover by Islamic believers is a delusion.”

Skyfall Teaser Poster

THE legend that is James Bond is set to return to the big screen after a lengthy absence this October. Currently in production, Skyfall will see Daniel Craig return as the suave British agent 007 for the third time. This poster has recently been released suggesting that this latest Craig outing will be a more classic affair, following a radical but critically acclaimed reboot in 2006 with Casino Royale. The poster combines the traditional with the new rugged elements of Bond, all wrapped in a veneer of a noir, gun metal hue.