The Brits Backlash

I MUST confess I didn’t watch last night’s Brit Awards, a variety of reasons the main one being that I was still on a train home from University. But from what I have seen of the results and the fall out in the news it is the same old same old.

I never agree with award ceremonies, either the judges are too pompous or too blinkered by the hype surrounding a few artists that their decisions are enough for even a Buddhist monk to scratch his scalp off. The Brits always seems to veer towards the head scratching.

For a passionate music fan such as me it is hard not to get worked up when watching any music show. During last year’s Brits I was very animated and when Arcade Fire walked away with two awards ‘Best International Group’ and ‘Best International Album’ I hit the roof with excitement and joy. Finally the Brits had mended some of its errant ways. There was still some head scratching and shouting profanities at the TV and certain acts but I was content at seeing Arcade Fire being recognised.

That brings me to this year’s ceremony. Blur being chosen for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music’ was great, but Rihanna being chosen as ‘Best International Female’? Really? Really? In a world inhabited by Bjork, you’re going to reward a woman who her own fans admit can’t carry a tune to save her Barbadian behind. A tear your hair out decision.

The strongest category was ‘Best British Group’ with Coldplay, Elbow, Arctic Monkeys, Chase & Status and Kasabian nominated. The nod went to Coldplay, I wouldn’t have argued with that except Kasabian’s album is far superior. Left an itch in the scalp.

‘British Album of the Year’ was another strong field but we all knew that the hype machine was going to carry that award into Adele’s lap. My choice would have been Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials.

The one that really got to me was ‘Best Female Solo Artist’ once again won by Adele. In a field with Kate Bush, Laura Marling and Florence + The Machine, give me a break. Kate Bush is in a whole league of her own. No disrespect to Adele, but when she’s done as many laps around the block as Bush has whilst maintaining artistic integrity and is capable of firing out an album like 50 Word For Snow in her twilight years – then I’ll tip my hat.

I hear that petulant Adele was annoyed at being cut off when delivering her acceptance speech for ‘British Album of the Year’ and that she gave the finger, to some suits according to her. I did hear her thanking suits in the form of her record label earlier, so whatever.

The reason why she was cut off was so Blur could close the ceremony, wise choice. But not according to that idiotic presenter James Corden, of who we will no doubt be seeing more of with the England playing at the European Football Championships.

Corden said: “Blur played for 11 minutes and she didn’t get chance to say thank you once.” She actually did get to say thank you once in fact more than once, three four times actually. She should’ve stopped that ‘I’m a flustered damsel and I’m fanning myself because I want to show the world how surprised I am that I am a Brits darling’ routine and got on with it.

If Corden had his way we’d end up with half an hour of Rihanna gyrating provocatively and sounding like a cat being run over by a Humvee, Cheryl Cole trying to sell Shampoo for half an hour, Adele saying thank you for another half an hour and, Gaga slaughtering lambs for her meat dress for the other half hour.

I’d rather have 11 minutes of Blur thank you James.


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