About Me

I am a 21 year old Journalism graduate. I have several interests ranging from current affairs, politics, sports, entertainment and enjoy writing about them.

It’s not just reporting that I am interested in though. Having studied Media for a good part of the last six years. I also have a range of media related interest in addition to Print Media such as Online Media, Media Theory and also Media Genre.

Whilst studying Media at Huddersfield New College I developed my love for the crime genre, which I already had a deep interest in and took a particular interest in looking at Film Noir. I have maintained an interest in crime genre and am in the middle of doing some crime related writing myself at the moment.

But primarily I want to become a roving reporter. At High School I wrote for the first ever issue of a student newsletter. I then wrote for and helped create a student magazine in my first year at Huddersfield New. The following year there I became editor of the student magazine.

Whilst attending Leeds Metropolitan University I wrote for The Met student paper. I was also Student Academic Representative for my course (BA Journalism) for the 2010/11 term. I was also a part of a team that worked on a Digital News Network broadcast.

I have contributed a column to online PR magazine Behind The Spin, but most recently and significantly I have written for the Yorkshire Evening Post. I have also become a reporter for local free sheet Awaaz and have played an active part in helping shape the paper over the past couple of months. Providing editorial consultation and helping sub edit.

In November 2011 I realised my dream of writing for my local paper the Dewsbury Reporter, following in Patrick Stewart’s footsteps in the process. When I did a one week placement at the paper. I had several stories published in the Mirfield edition the Mirfield Reporter in addition to the Dewsbury edition.

In addition to writing I also dipped my toe into the world of PR and Media Relations when I took on the role of Press Officer for Yes To Fairer Votes Leeds in February 2011.

I have recently co-founded the Leeds Met Journalism and PR society and have been involved in recruitment to the society and have been working on a platform for society members to publish on.

As well as blogging here I also contribute to Leeds Calling a site set up by myself and three of my course mates at Leeds Met.

I hope to contribute regularly and also look forward to hearing from users, journalism is changing it is no longer a one way street and I am a great believer in interaction. So feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.

Ismail Mulla


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