A year ago on this day – veni, vidi, vici

EXACTLY one year ago to this day I put on a gown and funny hat to go and shake the hand of a woman dressed in a gown and even funnier hat.
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Official Bond Image Released

FILMING for the next James Bond film entitled Skyfall is underway and last week the studio released the first official image. The picture features Daniel Craig looking tense with an iconic Walther PPK in his right hand. But the most note worthy thing of the image is that Bond has a beard. Craig is sporting a grisly even stubble, not before seen on any Bond. Read the rest of this entry »

Retro Liverpool FC Replica Tickets

THE other day whilst watching a DVD on the official history of Liverpool Football Club, these pieces of card fell out of the case. They turned out to be old replica tickets.

These Walls They Speak

OVER the summer, we were having our bathroom refitted and whilst our builder was knocking down old plasterboard a wad of old papers fell out. Some pages from a 70’s mail order catalogue and a few other bits and bats. But the most interesting thing to fall out was an electoral leaflet.

It revealed that a certain Donald and Susan Stanford were the previous occupants of this house in 1972. The leaflet distributed by Labour in the then Thornhill North Ward has been preserved in mint condition for almost three decades.

It’s fascinating to see that although the hairstyles may have changed the rhetoric certainly hasn’t in modern day politics. Take a look below;

I wonder what the result actually was for Thornhill North Ward in the 1972 Municipal Election.

Old Indian Coins

LAST year on my trip to India I came across a street stall in the city of Navsari, Gujarat. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a clearer view, poor language skills on my part. But being fascinated by history I got a few snaps on my iPod.

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Dewsbury Town Centre Pics

A collection of pictures that I took of a few landmarks in Dewsbury Town centre on my mobile phone. Read the rest of this entry »

La Roux in Leeds