Get In Touch

I am always look to hearing other peoples views. No matter how different or similar they may be. As a Journalist I don’t think there is a more important or enjoyable aspect to the job than contact with other members of the general public. It stimulates debate and discussion in the public sphere which can only be a good thing.

You can get in touch on;







3 Responses to “Get In Touch”

  1. Bul Says:

    Ishy It’s Me, Bul!

    • ismailmulla Says:

      How are you mate? Have you set up a blog as well? If so could you send me a link? Have you read the Steve McQueen feature that I’ve done? It’s what I keep boring you guys with whenever we go to the cinema’s! Speaking of cinema’s have you spotted any good upcoming films that you fancy. So far all the releases I’ve seen seem pretty dry.

      • bul Says:

        well i wouldn’t mind going to watch harry potter but obviously you wouldn’t want to so nothing really. nah i don’t have a blog just thought id post on yours. we best just wait until something good comes out, unless you want another Dan in real life incident.

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