Storm in a Glastonbury Puddle

Sunday night saw pop diva Beyonce headline the main stage at Glastonbury. It seemed everyone was watching. Everyone besides Zane Lowe it seems was watching the set, well at least that is what Twitter would have you believe.

The social networking site exploded with vehement anger towards the BBC Presenter Lowe. Many accusing him of showing a lack of respect of being miserable and more importantly… wait for it… not liking Beyonce! Shock horror how could he. He was branded an elitist music snob.

But let’s have a look at the footage in question shall we. It starts off with Lauren Laverne eulogising about Beyonce’s for a good 45 seconds. This is was then followed up by Laverne asking Lowe what he thought of the set, at which point burst into a limp laugh and quipped “I went to see the Queen of the Stone Ages,” before introducing the Kool and the Gang.

The next bit saw Lowe maybe having a slight dig at Laverne’s early eulogy of Beyonce by saying “Beyonce definitely pulled out what I saw a lot of those reference points.” Referring to Laverne’s comment of how Beyonce covered Etta James and made the set her own.

Before going on to add “But for me I had to walk down some dark and muddy alley at some point tonight.” Once again referring to Laverne’s earlier comment of how Glastonbury wasn’t just about mud and showmanship but also sparkly pop such as Beyonce.

Then Lowe was replaced by fellow Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley to conduct the interview with Beyonce.

All this sent Twitter into overdrive as many users flooded the social networking site with a barrage of abuse aimed at Zane Lowe and all for what? Not watching Beyonce perform? For his inability to feign interest in Beyonce’s set?


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