Sachin Tendulkar, a roar inducing lion, timeless Indian icon

Sports writers have a habit of spewing out hyperbole and clichés at the rate of a Mahendra Singh Dhoni innings. Forever in search of the next best thing after sliced bread, nauseas enough to leave you sick as a parrot. Read the rest of this entry »


Outcry as MP brands Muslim culture “sexist”

Comments by a Yorkshire MP have sparked controversy. Kris Hopkins Conservative MP for Keighley called Muslim culture “sexist” and said that it forged attitudes which led to abuse of girls and women. Read the rest of this entry »

Finance Firm Warns Against Short Termism

A YORKSHIRE finance firm has found that adults from the region are more interested in having money to go to the pub than saving for their pensions.

Research carried out by Skipton Financial Services found that 54% had no long term investments, savings or pensions. 32% said that they had cut back on takeaways, meals out and trips to the pub.

Managing director of Skipton Financial Services, Andrew Barker said: “The danger of the ‘short-term’ approach though is that long-term financial goals get neglected which may hit families even harder in the future.”

Over half the people surveyed said their main day-to-day concern is making sure there’s enough food in the house, followed by 43% saying fuel for their cars was their main concern.

27% of people quizzed said their finances is the main cause of worry in life. The research commissioned by Skipton Financial Services surveyed 196 adults from Yorkshire.