A right righteous spill – Righteous Kill review

WHEN Al Pacino and Robert De Niro were brought onto screen (rather belatedly) together by Michael Mann in Heat, the pair were at their best. Over a cup of coffee they flexed their acting muscles. Read the rest of this entry »


At Cornetto trilogy’s end

POST Hot Fuzz there was a real buzz when Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg said they would be doing a third film. Read the rest of this entry »

Five football lookalikes

Ivica Olic

Ivica Olic is a known steam train.


Licenced to Thrill. Daniel Craig is just as apt at running through brick walls.



Let’s hope John McClane doesn’t mistake Daniel Sturridge for some luggage thief.


Luggage thief me sir? No. I’m an England international.



West Brom boss Steve Clarke insists he never played DCI Jim Keats in Ashes to Ashes.


Actor Daniel Mays denies ever putting a Scottish accent on and moonlighting as a Football manager.



Exposing police corruption isn’t his thing, after all he is an Italian Footballer. But bossing opposition mid-field’s is.


Uncovering police corruption was his thing. Serpico.



Adam Federici: Right that’s it I’m off for a burger. You guys are useless.


Man V Foot… er Food, Adam Richman hasn’t signed up as Reading’s second choice keeper despite rumours.

Avengers Assemble: Review

AS we enter the age of post retro-revival it would be sensible to assume that the recent infatuation with big screen incarnations of comic book characters in Hollywood is also on the wane. But not yet, not over Bruce Wayne’s parents graves. Read the rest of this entry »

Michael Bay for Transformers 4,000,000?

APPARENTLY director Michael Bay is thought to be inline to sign up to direct a fourth installment of the metallic mechanical mayhem that is Transformers. The question is, is there really a need for a 4,000,000th sequel to Transformers? And with Bay at the helm?

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