The ice maiden is back…at long last

WE’VE seen a change in Prime Minister, the iPad and tablet devices alike have taken off and revolutionary winds have swept across the Middle East, since Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid that’s La Roux to me and you beeped onto the charts.

But after four years (or a lifetime – depending on your disposition), they’re back. And they come with new material.

Ms Jackson insisted that she would not be rushed in the interim to her second outing. A Sidetrack compilation was relased in the Summer of 2010 on which a cover of the Rolling Stones hit Under My Thumb provided temporal satisfaction to fans of the synth duo.

Rumours abound in 2011 that the second album was imminent prove to be a false glimmer of ephemeral hope.

But they’ve obviously got themselves into the studio eventually with apparent input from Nile Rodgers.

Adding a natural instrument or two, the orange bouffant one played Brighton’s Concorde 2 venue as part of a series of small gigs that are to act as a warm up for her appearance at the Coachella festival.

Jackson premiered news songs Sexotheque, Uptight Downtown, Tropical Chancer and Kiss and Not Tell.

Intial thoughts are positive. They’ve managed to preserve that primitive synth element that gave them the scabrous edge. Jackson seems to have found a smoother range than her usual all four smoking wheels high range. Although hopefully some of the other songs will still pack a bulletproof punch.

It’s hard to make a concrete judgement based on these fan shot videos as the group will still be honing their live set and you never know what production sleight of hand can throw up and of course recording in a studio is a different ball game.

But two thumbs up based on this evidence, now lets just hope it doesn’t take them another four years to come up with a name and cover for the album.


2 Responses to “The ice maiden is back…at long last”

  1. seandodson Says:

    Cheers Ismail. Look forward to hear the studio work

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