Labour has Dewsbury in sights but so do Tories

The National Labour party has identified Dewsbury as a key battleground in the 2015 election. Labour lost the seat in the 2010 election as Shahid Malik was ousted by Tory MP Simon Reevell.

The constituency is one of 106 identified by the Labour party as part of its bid to win a 60 seat majority.

The Tories have also identified Dewsbury as a key battle ground and have put the seat on its list of 40 seats to hold, as they bid for an outright majority.

“We did expect it to be a key seat, but it’s nice the National Executive recognises it. We’re all very excited about being selected as a target,” said Dewsbury Labour Party chairman Mike Greetham.

He went onto add: “We’re keen to select a candidate and get into campaigning as soon as possible. There’s already been one or two enquiries from people, but we have to wait for the go-ahead which we’re expecting very soon.”

Labour only need a swing of 1.4% to take Dewsbury back from the Conservatives, who have only ever had three MPs represent the constituency in 142, including the current incumbent Reevell.


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