Warsi apologises after rental income complaint is upheld

A complaint against Baroness Warsi has been upheld by a House of Lords watchdog over her failure to register rental income.

The former co-chair of the Conservative party has accepted the outcome of the ruling by the independent Lords Commissioner for Standards and apologised.

“I would sincerely like to apologise for any failure to disclose my personal interests in accordance with the rules of the House,” said Warsi.

The investigation was instigated by a complaint from Labour MP John Mann that the Dewsbury peer failed to register an interest as the recipient of over £5,000 from renting out a flat in Wembley which she vacated after being appointed minister in 2010 to move closer to Westminster.


But Warsi was cleared of serious allegations of improperly claiming overnight subsistence allowance during her stay in a flat in Acton which was being rented by Tory official Naweed Khan.

The Commissioner said: “Baroness Warsi was not engaged in any comprehensive scheme to obscure her property interests and it should be noted that her failure to register her rental income did not result in any financial loss to the taxpayer, or additional monetary gain to herself.”


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