Guns, guns and more guns

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

These were the words of wisdom which graced the airwaves from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the aftermath of the shooting of innocent children in Newton.

This cavalier approach to gun control would be seen as funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and didn’t come off the back of the shooting in Newtown, where 20 school children were murdered callously by a gun nut.

But that’s OK the NRA has come up with a logical and viable plan to stop such things happening. Nope, not take guns away but have more guns.

Yes the NRA wants to arm teachers and have police patrolling school grounds, so that should a gun toting maniac approach school grounds they can mount a Bruce Willis style rear guard action, very viable.

The news conference held by Wayne LaPierre the executive director of the NRA was beyond the realms of madness.

Does the NRA want to turn every school into a warzone? Hey Mr. LaPierre how about some claymores at the entrance of every school? Maybe hand grenades and bazookas for the receptionist?


Why not go as far as arming young school kids with 9mm pistols? Schoolbooks, check. Stationery, check. Gun, check.

Providing a voice of sanity, protestors from the Codepink group twice interrupted Mr. LaPierre with one woman shouting “shame on the NRA… the NRA has blood on its hands.”


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