Outcry as MP brands Muslim culture “sexist”

Comments by a Yorkshire MP have sparked controversy. Kris Hopkins Conservative MP for Keighley called Muslim culture “sexist” and said that it forged attitudes which led to abuse of girls and women.

Speaking at debate in the commons on child sexual exploitation, the MP said: “We should not get away from the fact that gangs of Muslim men are going round and raping white kids at this moment in time.”

The Tory MP went onto say, “Fundamentally, there is a sexist behaviour by some Muslim men towards women. We talk about institutions and commissions and all the rest of it. Fundamentally, as leaders, we need to challenge the behaviour that is going on.”

He even went onto back his predecessor Ann Cryer’s views on grooming saying, “The community failed to face up to the core issues that Ann was putting out there. The reality is that the problem has not gone away.

“Ann Cryer was right. Since that time, many more children have been abused because of the failures of the agencies and of the communities to address what was happening.”

Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq slammed Hopkins’s comments saying, “There’s a real fear that by using the language he’s used, he’s tarnishing the whole community. To suggest all Muslims are going round raping white girls is deeply offensive.”

After the debate Hopkins said: “I do understand that some people will regard much of what I had to say as contentious. However, I believe it is fundamentally important to have the debate around these issues so that we can affect positive change, particularly in Keighley.”


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