Author puts to bed ‘Muslim tide’ myth

A CANADIAN author has debunked the anti-Islamic myth of the Muslim population swarming the west.

According to three authoritative studies, in 2010 the Muslim population in the European Union was 18.2 million or 4.5%. By 2030 it is expected to reach 29.8 million or 7.1% and by 2050 it would reach 10%.

Doug Saunders the author behind The Myth of the Muslim Tide says, “If the West is being overwhelmed at all, it is not by Muslims.”

In Britain 28% of immigrants are Muslim, “If a religious group is taking over in the U.K., it is Catholics,” says Saunders.

The reporter for the Globe and Mail said: “The Muslim-tide hypothesis on the whole has no merit . . . The idea of a stealth takeover by Islamic believers is a delusion.”


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