UK and US preparing for attack on Iran?

CERTAIN changes in the recent cabinet reshuffle suggest that the government is preparing the grounds for a war with Iran.

The axing of former Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has led to speculation that the government is looking to launch an attack on Iran.

A party insider said: “With our record over opposing the Iraq War, no one in our party is going to congratulate Israel on launching a strike.

“But Nick may have been particularly outspoken, especially in the immediate aftermath and when we’re bound to get caught in cleaning up the mess alongside the Americans.

“He probably takes the view that we’d need to give a particularly strong condemnation of Israel to show the Arab world that we didn’t approve. However, that could have caused a problem for some of Clegg’s Tory Coalition colleagues.”

When confronted Sir Nick Harvey said he had ‘toyed’ with the idea that it was the reason behind his recent sacking but said: I have decided it could not have played any part in it.”

The MP was given a knighthood straight after his removal from ministerial office.

This comes off the back of revelations of a secret visit to Israel by head of MI6 Sir John Sawers.

He was said to have met Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his defence minister Ehud Barak in an attempt to get them to soften their rhetoric and allow time for further sanctions against Iran.


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