95% of Gaza groundwater ‘not fit for human use’

THE Gaza Strip is going through a water crisis which could threaten the lives of people there, the Hamas government’s agriculture minister warns.

Mohammed Al-Agha said: “About 95 per cent of the groundwater in the Gaza Strip is not fit for human use in general, and may cause a number of diseases and health problems.”

He said that the people of Gaza needed to be aware of the water crisis.

“The Arab world in general and the Gaza Strip in particular are classified as dry regions. The main reason for this crisis in the Gaza Strip is the occupation and its policies,” he said.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that Gazans have an average of 70-90 litres per person per day, whilst the WHO recommends 100 litres a day.

A United Nations report in August warned that Gaza could lose its main source of fresh water, the underground coastal aquifer, which could become unusable by 2016 and irreversibly damaged by 2020.


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