Saffron tea, short on flavour, high on health benefits

A LUXURY spice, saffron has a really rich colour, taste and aroma. Saffron derived from the flower of Crocus Sativus, is one of those spice commodities that has still maintained a high value despite the ever shrinking world.

Syren specialise in dealing with saffron and have come up with own offering of saffron tea, and you’d think a cup of Saffron tea would be the ultimate indulgence, well it is and it isn’t.

VIBRANT: Saffron in all its splendor.

The first thing to mention about this tea is the health benefits. According to research conducted in Italy saffron is good for the eyesight, protecting vision cells with its fatty acid contents.

The chemical component crocin which is what gives saffron its golden colour is full of antioxidants and according to some medical experts crocin has anti-cancer effects against a range of cancers. The final health benefit is that it helps protect against heart disease.

As for the actual taste it is very disappointing. The tea lacks aroma, flavour and ultimately character, something you expect in abundance from a spice such as saffron. Instead of a vibrant red/orange colour you get a standard tea colour and if you’re expecting a waft of strong saffron forget it as there is virtually no smell whatsoever to the tea.

UNDERWHELMING: Syren’s offering of saffron tea.

This tea is best enjoyed sans sugar. Due to the lack of taste of the actual tea adding sugar overpowers it and wrestles any fragments of flavour away from the tea.

For the health benefits this saffron tea is good, but a taste bud tickler it is not.



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