The xx return with new single

SUCH has been the xx’s success that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that their eponymous debut actually dropped in 2009. Yes it is that long ago.

The slow yet relentless burn of a smoke filled atmospheric album that had critics salivating at every turn and fans shrieking in surprise, as it rolled its way to upper echelons top of every album of every album of the year poll.

But the band now have the unenviable task of trying to better their debut album. It has been announced that the album will be titled Coexist. But the question is whether it coexist alongside the Mercury prize winning xx.

The lead single Angels would suggest so. It has all the hallmarks of the previous album, dark, melancholic and full of atmosphere. Romy Madly Croft is the pilot on this enterprise, her angelic voice dances its way around Oliver Simm’s free roaming bass.

The interesting thing to note is the lack of a radical departure rumoured to be the case. Especially following Jamie Smith’s synth crunching success working with the late legend Gil Scott Heron. A new dance driven direction this is not.

Personally I think it’s great if this is the case and have to say the anticipation for Coexist is if anything stronger. There seems to be an tendency for certain artists to fall into the trap of finding a ‘new’ direction. With the xx there’s no need. They still have a lot to give, pumping out smoky atmosphere laden ethereal pop.


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