Skyfall Trailer is a Go

THE trailer to the most eagerly awaited film of the year is here. We may have had to wait for four years or six depending on what view you hold on Quantum of Solace but James Bond is back and the trailer to Skyfall has been launched.

Judging by the trailer it is set to be thumping and as hard edged as ever. But while the trailer certainly whets the appetite, there is a fear that it could descend into Quantum mode. Which was one elongated action sequence with a bit of dialogue in between.

If that’s the case with Skyfall it will be a mighty shame, as Daniel Craig can act and Sam Mendes has the clout to carry a film at a measured pace. Still the proof will be in the pudding come October, when Skyfall is set for release.



One Response to “Skyfall Trailer is a Go”

  1. Jake Davies Says:

    That’s an exciting looking trailer, but better than the Dark Night trailer?

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