Lemon, Ginger & Mango Is A Heart Warmer

FRUIT blend tea’s can be very hit and miss, many tea makers find it difficult to find a well balanced blend. It is either over powering or under whelming in one way or another.

REFRESHING: Cup of tea

So to try and take three distinct fruit flavours is a very brave thing to do indeed. Especially when you consider those three flavours to be lemon, mango and ginger.

But this fruit infusion offering from ASDA hits the mark. The lemon and ginger give a wonderful aroma to the tea, whilst the mango off sets and tempers the spicy flavour provided by the ginger and zest of the lemon.

This is the ideal tea for a cold winter evening. The vibrant red colour along with the aromatic scent are a joy to behold but not as much of a joy as the actual taste of this tea. Perfect for someone coming down with the cold, this tea soothes and refreshes.

If like me you are a summer person then this tea will evoke memories of summer during the dark days of winter. But the best thing of this tea is its price. Currently priced at anything between 60p and £1 for a box of 20 tea bags, it is a bargain. In fact it would be worth paying twice that.

So say goodbye to the winter blues with this vibrant red tea.



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