La Roux New Album Update

IN FOR THE KILL: La Roux returns

SYNTHPOP starlet Elly Jackson, better known as one half of La Roux has revealed that she and her partner Ben Langmaid have been hard at work on making a follow up to their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album.

Jackson has cancelled an scheduled appearance at Coachella festival in April, as they look to get their second album out almost three years after their first was released.

She said: “I’m gutted that we cannot play at my favourite festival. The show we played there in 2010 was one of the best I’ve ever done. Things are progressing well with the new record but I just don’t have the time to finish it AND prepare a new set for Coachella. If they’ll have us back we’d love to see you there next year.”

In an interview with NME magazine she said she was feeling the pressure. She also revealed that the new album would have a cheekier sound, “It’s a lot cheekier. Not ‘Touch my Bum’ cheeky or Carry On cheeky – just slightly suggestive.”

She told Q magazine: “If there’s a theme to this new album, it’s that the music and the texture and the tone is going to feel warm and sexy. My first album wasn’t sexy at all – it was angular and hard. But I’ve been listening a lot of Nile Rodgers’ productions for inspiration.”

One thing that the group will retain from the first album though is steering away from working with hip-hop artists as has become the norm for many over the past few years. Despite her successful collaborative work with Kanye West both on her U.S version of killer pop hit ‘In For The Kill’ and West’s own album, Jackson revealed she won’t be working with any hip hop artists on her second album proper.

She said: “It would make our records sound a bit unfocused. I still feel like we’re starting out as artists. La Roux and hip-hop don’t really mix, not on our albums anyway.” It has been rumored that La Roux have been working with White Lies though.

The release date for the new album is predicted to be some time in May and I for one can’t wait.


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