Strawberry & Mango Leaves No Taste

ON paper strawberry and mango sounds like a delicious blend but in actuality this offering of tropical fruit infusion from Twinings is anything but delicious.

It lacks any of the exotic aroma of mango and the centerpiece for many a fruit tea, the strawberry, never comes to the fore.

The lack of taste is such that when you drink the concoction it leaves you wondering if you’ve actually even added a teabag to you pot or cup. Simply put, it is like drinking boiled water.

It’s a real shame as I am a fan of both mangoes and strawberries as fruits and flavourings to drinks. This though leaves you with a gritty texture in your mouth and a soul darkening feeling.

The only positive that I can think of this tea is the colour, a rich vibrant red that is as enticing as a Kate Bush dancing around in her red shoes and the smell which screams ‘You’re The One’.

Unfortunately when you do actually take a sip it is less ‘Moment’s of Pleasure’ and more ‘Big Stripey Lie’.

Don’t be fooled by the exotic promise usually offered when mango and strawberry are combined. This is a tea that should be avoided unless you want your room to smell nice and want red stained upholstery.



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