End of Year Awards

2011 has been an eventful year, I look back at the year and hand out some awards.

Dog of the Year – well who else was it going to be other than Fenton. They say man leads dog but Fenton has other ideas as he lead his owner on a wild deer chase. He even has his own T-shirt range.

Secret Ninja of the Year – Wendi Deng wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch sprung into action after her husband was attacked by a pie thrower as he gave evidence to the phone hacking committee. Deng slapped Jonathan May-Bowles with a mysterious yet to be discovered martial arts move. Deng Deng Deng round two Mr May-Bowles?

Woman of the Year – Pauline Pearce, the lady who stood up to the rioters lambasting each and everyone of them as they lay siege to Hackney. Her impromptu speech in front of a vandalised shop became one of the most memorable things of the riots.

Man of the Year – A man who not only helped bring his own countries corrupt government down but helped spread a people’s movement across the Arab world. Tunisian fruit seller Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight after being constantly persecuted by authorities. The rest is history as a seismic shift in the Arab world sent shock-waves throughout the world.

Clot of the Year – Jeremy Clarkson for his unfunny attack on striking public sector workers. It’s not that Clarkson insulted public sector workers, I think that part was blown out of proportion, but the fact that he was just not funny. In fact him and his two lackey’s haven’t been funny since 2007. Now it’s a case of found formula, repeat, tweak, repeat. RIP Top Gear.

Blog Post of the Year – Goes to Peter Oborne who hit the nail on the head when summing up the August riots. ‘The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom’

Newsreader of the Year – It could be no one other than Jon Snow, the man has become an institution. The fact that he now heads up the best news program output by any of the five terrestrial channels and despite the fact that Channel 4 News have gone on a recruiting spree of on air talent. He and his socks are continually adored by viewers.

News Broadcaster of the Year – Some viable contenders here, Al-Jazeera’s English language output is as strong as expected, whilst BBC despite the cuts still have a strong reputation. But Sky News have definitely stolen a march on all their rivals. But having said that they have the financial clout to be the best. For me it has to be Channel 4 news, it continues to pick up stories not told by the others and goes into detail behind the big issues.

Enigma of the Year – Has to be Manchester City Footballer Mario Balotelli, stories of bust up’s with team mates, managers one week. The next week he’s driving a bullied schoolkid back to school in his Maserati to confront his bullies. To rumours of him throwing money out of his car and attending midnight mass for Christmas – leaving a generous donation after having bought drinks for people at the local boozer. He’s more enigmatic than Batman.

Politician of the Year – Daniel Craig has been making waves with both his films and comments away from the silver-screen. He’s slammed reality TV stars (fair in my book), slammed the Daily Mail whilst praising Robert Fisk (bang on the money) and now he’s aiming his Walther PPK at politicians in an interview with Men’s Journal he said: “Politicians are s**theads. That’s how they become politicians, even the good ones.”

Album of the Year – Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow, she is back with a creative vengeance like no other. This year has been a case of waiting for a bus and two come along at once in Kate Bush’s case. But instead of buses we get magical chariots.

Film of the Year – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, it is sick, twisted, dark, but most importantly gripping. Before I’d seen this film I had no volition to see any sequels made or even to view this first English language outing. But Rooney Mara as Lisbeth is an engrossing character whilst Daniel Craig delivers a stellar performance as Blomqvist. Giving Stieg Larsson’s book a pulsating screen treatment, even David Fincher is on form as director.

Song of the Year – Crystal Fighters – At Home (Fusty Delights Remix), the song has a bright gentle upbeat feel to it, this remix is a bright uptempo upbeat feel. Giving the song another dimension, great toe tapping, whistle inducing, hum along number.

TV Show of the Year -The Mentalist, Simon Baker has that rare thing called screen presence and even the wayward episodes are given life by him.

TV Scientist of the Year – Dr Iain Stewart, all props to the guy, with BBC’s budget being cut, he managed to do a whole program about rocks in Scotland and best of all made it interesting as well as informative. Now that’s value for money. His big budget programs are great viewing, but the way he informed, entertained and educated in Men of Rock, was exemplary.


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