Henry Return Sparks Memories of Robbie’s Return

FINALLY it seems Arsene Wenger has got it into his head that players over the age of 20 can also be useful. As it seems Arsenal are now lining up a return of their prodigal son, Thierry Henry.

Henry left Arsenal in 2007 for Barcelona, but he is now set to return on a tw0 month loan deal from his current club New York Red Bulls.

Granted Arsenal fans won’t exactly get to see the vintage Henry that walked away from the North London outfit in 2007. But still if he is fit, his silky touch and presence should help Arsenal.

Henry’s return is not too dissimilar to that of Robbie Fowler to Liverpool. Revered by the Kop and simply known as God at Anfield, as a Liverpool fan I clearly remember his transfer out of the blue.

It was Friday 27 January 2006 and I remember standing in the kitchen rummaging around for an Egg Custard tart, when I heard it on the TV in the next room that he had returned. The house lit up. I had grown up with Robbie Fowler as my number 9 and idol. Fair to say it was a boost to both the team and fans.

No doubt Arsenal fans will feel the same glow and hope for a lift on the pitch.


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