Top of the YouTube Pops

POLITICIANS have come to realise the importance of the internet in pursuing the vote and also gauging public opinion. Barack Obama and his campaign to be elected president in 2008 revolutionised the way politicos view and use the net. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are increasingly being used and videos are being uploaded to video sharing site YouTube.

And here is a list of the most viewed politicians on YouTube;

  • Daniel Hannan (3,109,906)
  • Nigel Farage (2,617,226)
  • Tony Blair (2,512,001)
  • Lady Thatcher (2,507,599)
  • Gordon Brown (2,502,380)
  • David Cameron (1,977,304)
  • Nick Griffin (1,239,272)
  • Nick Clegg (693,518)
  • Ed Miliband (527,123)
  • William Hague (555,512)
  • George Osborne (224,286)

Not good news for Ed Miliband, who is still in the shadow of former Labour leader Tony Blair and has had fewer views than racist nut job Nick Griffin. Lib Dem leader Clegg also doesn’t fare well ranking lower than Griffin. It’s fair to say that the right has the edge with conservative MEP Hannan and UKIP leader Nigel Farage leading the list.




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