What is AV?

SINCE the referendum on changing the British electoral system from First Past The Post to the Alternative Vote was lost there has been a lot of finger pointing and soul searching amongst the electoral reform movement.

My views on AV are clear to be seen here. Several political commentators and experts have added their two penneths worth. The Conservatives rejoice in what was a victory for them, whilst the reformers have been in a period of naval gazing.

But Google’s annual most searched terms reveals a lot about AV and the campaign run by the Yes side, of which I was a part of. On it’s fastest rising searches in the ‘What is…’ category ‘What is AV’ came top.

This may underline the problem of the entire referendum, ‘No’ expertly skirted the issue and instead resorted to putting obstacles in the ‘Yes’ Campaigns way, which hindered the pro-AV camp drastically. As a lot of time was spent rebutting and being beaten by the same stick of costs, which David Blunkett admitted to was a lie.

There was also the Clegg factor that hurt the ‘Yes’ camps cause, as a lot of time was spent either trying to disassociate from Clegg or trying to steer the issue away from Clegg and onto AV.

But while voters may have been deprived of clarity on AV and its merits we have to take the Google top search result with a pinch of salt, here’s the ‘What is…’ top 25;

1. What is AV
2. What is scampi
3. What are truffles
4. What are piles
5. What is 4D
6. What are cookies
7. What is copyright
8. What is zumba
9. What is iCloud
10. What is probate
Other factors such as the pro-STV but anti-AV group of people and the possibility that people prefer the clear ‘X’ marks the spot FPTP system, killed off electoral reform.



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