La Roux Work On New Album

BRITISH synthpop duo La Roux have been quiet recently. Ben Langmaid the silent, rarely seen partner in this project and Elly Jackson the face of the group with her iconic trademark quiff and bombastic high range vocals, have both been very coy as to new material.

Jackson said that they were going to work on the album over the year. New material since their self titled debut album has been sparse, although some of the stuff that has been released has been of a great quality.

The electronic treatment of The Rolling Stones misogynistic Under My Thumb was featured on the Sidetracked compilation, along with which tracks chosen by Jackson and Langmaid were featured.

Jackson also lent her vocals on Kanye West’s album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ last year, she also lent her voice to the song ‘Hot Mess’ by Chromeo.

To go with the guest vocal appearances, several artists have had a go at remixing songs from the duo’s first album, giving La Roux a great deal of prominence despite their hiatus.

Langmaid has also been keeping busy by writing material for new girl group War of Words.

But it now seems that they are in the swing of things with the difficult second album and Ben Langmaid is the one who has whetted the appetite of many fans. Apparently the no to the guitar rule has been ditched for the new album.

He tweeted (yes that loathsome thing that his partner Jackson doesn’t like very much) “Guitar time for the new La Roux album!”

He then followed up with “Ellys just played an amazing guitar part for the new La Roux album! You’re gonna love it!” This led to a flurry of tweets from excited fans wanting to know more.

For the silent partner Langmaid certainly has found his voice on Twitter and it has left fans excited including this one.

Elly Jackson of La Roux on stage


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