Kirklees economy in recovery according to business survey

OVER two thirds of local firms have seen their turnover increase or remain static over the past year according to a survey commissioned by Kirklees Council.

The survey, conducted by consultants Ecorys Survey in April and July, was carried out with 1,430 Kirklees businesses, representative of just over one in ten of all businesses in the district.

The survey results suggest that the economy is recovering, at the same slow pace as the rest of the UK. Whilst the 2009 survey showed that 43% of firms had seen a fall in turnover, this year’s results show that just 28% have experienced a decline. In addition 53% of firms are expecting to see a rise in turnover in the next three years.

Lead Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Cllr Peter McBride said: “The intelligence gathered from surveys like this is proving increasingly useful in the work we do with local businesses.

“It not only informs where we allocate resources to support organisations, but also enables officers to follow up on individual responses and issues.”

Manufacturing, business services and wholesale sectors experienced improved turnover levels. But the survey has showed that less than half, 40% of firms have installed energy-efficiency measures to reduce energy costs and reduce environmental impact.


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