Egypt Election Results Take Shape

IN the first Egyptian elections since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has stolen a march.

The official partial results show the Muslim Brotherhood party in first place with 36.6%. The conservative Nour party is in second place with 24.3% with the liberal Egyptian Bloc in third place with 13.3% of the vote cast.

The deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood party, Essam el-Erian told Associated Press: “We represent a moderate and a fair party.

“We want to apply the basics of Shariah law in a fair way that respects human rights and personal rights.”

He also said that the elections had been a success and called on opponents of his party to accept the results of the election. He said: “We all believe that our success as Egyptians toward democracy is a real success and we want everyone to accept this democratic system. This is the guarantee for stability.”

The Israeli Defence Minister said on Israeli TV: “This is very, very worrisome. It is too early to predict how the changes that we face will end up. It could be that in an historical context, they are positive. In an immediate context they are problematic.

“I very much hope that, whatever government arises in Egypt, with whatever constitution arises in Egypt, it will understand that … there is no alternative but to maintain the framework of international agreements, among them the peace accord with us.”

It is believed that final results will be announced next Wednesday.


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