New Media an Opportunity Not Threat Says Former Al-Jazeera DG

Former director general of TV Network Al-Jazeera praised new media and said that it shouldn’t be viewed as a threat to Journalism but as an aid to Journalism. Speaking at the Global Editors Network summit, Wadah Khanfar also warned against lazy journalism and that fact checking was all important.

“Sometimes we journalists are lazy. We don’t want to check our facts … we pretend we know exactly what we’re talking about.”

Referring to the Arab Spring, Khanfar praised online activism and new media he said: “This kind of relationship that we used to discuss in conferences as competition and maybe sometimes a threat, started to be a new example of integration. We could not cover Egypt without the internet activists.”

Our offices were closed and we could not deliver the message sometimes without new media because our satellite signal was brought down.”

Khanfar stepped down as director general of Al-Jazeera this past September having been in the position since 2006.


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