Now that the accountants have stopped wrangling, filming for the 23rd Bond is underway. Here are a few of my thoughts and initial reaction to the announcement of Skyfall.

The Good

Daniel Craig – the man has made the role his own. This Bond character is way more interesting than that played by Pierce Brosnan. Craig has shown the emotional depth of Bond that is behind some of his callous actions. To borrow a Steve McQueen (with whom there are some stark similarities) phrase, he’s got the juice.

Javier Bardem – please, please, please allow him to play a sociopath similar to Anton Chigurh. I don’t care about the copycat claims. Bardem could become one of the best if not the best Bond baddie ever. It all depends on the script obviously, but if there is anyone who can pull off a Bond baddie it’s Bardem. Seeing him go up against Craig is going to interesting to say the least. Hopefully there will be enough screen time for the two of them to engross the audience.

Judi Dench – having Dench as ‘M’ once again is not only common sense but a very good call. In a time where cutting and making needless changes is of the norm it is good to have some continuity. Her mothering relationship to Craig’s Bond provides a intriguing layer to proceedings. Hopefully the writers will use that to give viewers some wry comic relief the scope is certainly there. It was hinted at in Quantum but never followed through.

The Jury is Still Out

Sam Mendes – a good director in his own right. But can he direct a Bind movie? I just find myself waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying about unevenly shot clunky action sequences, a bit like those in Beverly Hills Cop 3. If the script has substance and slows the pace as in Casino Royale, Mendes might just find his stride and deliver a Bond film to remember, and maybe even bring home an academy award.

The Writers – granted Quantum of Solace was a mish mash of action sequences that came across as slightly confused. But retaining the writers was the correct call. Lest we forget Robert Wade and Neal Purvis also worked on Casino Royale. But here in lies the problem, Casino Royale’s script was based very closely on Fleming’s book. But still the Bond veterans Purvis, Wade will have something to prove with this being an original script.

The Bond Girls – Unknown French actress Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris are tasked with providing the female interests in Skyfall. Not much is known about Marlohe, other than she has been involved in various French TV dramas. Brit Harris has big film experience most notably she played Tia Dalma in blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean, but will she be up to it as a field agent in Skyfall? Only time will tell.

The only thing for sure is that the jigsaw puzzles pieces have been revealed, now it’s up to the crew to piece them together and we shall see in October 2012 whether the 23rd Bond will be a fall through or reaching for the sky.


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