Florence + The Machine Shakes It Out

The second single from Florence + The Machine’s long awaited second album is here. ‘Shake It Out’ is the follow up to ‘What The Water Gave Me’ released last month.

The song starts off without the etheral strings that give Florence a distinguished sound and instead relies on a cathedral organ to lay down the pretext to the fantastic lyrics delivered with the energy of a nuclear blast, Florence pushes the limit but never oversteps the line between being energetic and just being shrill.

The song is a great way to bid farewell to the summer and welcome autumn. It’s a barnstormer that will make you want to throw you’re hands up in the air and kick you’re feet whilst doing the housework or just skipping you’re way to work.

Lyrically Florence keeps it simple but still the intricate weaving of a narrative wrapped around a central theme that has a beating heart as wondrous as that of ‘Between Two Lungs’ is present. Here the ghouls and demons are out and Florence looks to shake them out as she only knows how. The most telling line has to be: ‘And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, So shake him off.’ Followed by: ‘I am done with my graceless heart, So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart.’

On evidence of the two songs so far, the album is shaping up well. None of the two songs have been the ‘Cosmic Love’ moment though, which I think was the best song from the first album. But still the two so far have a fresh feeling to them whilst not sounding too much of a departure from the elements that made Florence a success in the first place.


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