Florence + The Machine Announce New Album, First Single Released

Florence Welch and her machine are back with a bang. They announced that they would be releasing a follow up LP to their debut Lungs. Once again Florence has been working alongside producer Paul Epworth.

To mark the announcement made today at 5pm, Florence also unveiled the first single from the yet to be named album. The single called “What The Water Gave Me” features all the hallmarks associated with Ms Welch and was given its first airing on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC Radio 6.

“What The Water Gave Me” starts off in Bat For Lashes mode with a heavy gothic feel. But this doesn’t last long as the song segues into the traditional Florence lull. Before being followed up by the bombastic chorus.

Highlighting the several strings to Florence’s considerable bow. The song contains the mad and brash, the mystical and ethereal. It can be a bit much as it feels like there is an attempt to cram too much in, despite the considerable length of 5 and a half minutes.

But on evidence of “What The Water Gave Me” and Florence’s ability to write lyrics such as “Who is the lamb and who is the knife?” I think we may just be in for a treat on the follow up to the critically acclaimed Lungs.

The new LP will consist of 12 tracks and is slated for a 7th November release.


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