Breakfast For Two Wheels

EVENTS where motorcyclists will be given breakfast are to be held over the next week across West Yorkshire.

The events part of West Yorkshire Motorcycling week are a way of raising road safety awareness. It is also a way of encouraging people to change from the car to two wheels in order to ease traffic congestion.

Riders will be offered a bacon butty and a brew. They will also be given a chance to pick up a copy of a commuter survival guide DVD filmed on location in West Yorkshire.

The DVD will feature a number of common scenarios riders on the commute might face. Riders will also be provided with information on further training and will be given an opportunity to share their commuting experience.

Dave Glanville West Yorkshire motorcycle casualty reduction officer said, “Motorcycles and scooters offer a great way of getting around the city quickly and efficiently so it’s right that we encourage that, but also we need to ensure those riders who are commuting, especially at peak times, have the skills to do so safely and effectively.”

Executive board member with responsibility for development, Councillor Richard Lewis, “Used safely and responsibly bikes are an important part of the transport mix. These events will allow riders and road safety professionals to come together and discuss the issues. In addition we may encourage some people to get out of their cars and on to two wheels.”

All the breakfasts will be held between 7-10am. The first one will be at Bradford Motorcycles on Canal Road, Bradford, on July 18, the following day this will be followed up by a breakfast at DC Motorcycles on Alder Road, Huddersfield. Before finishing off a day later on July 20 at Leeds Honda Motorcycles, A58M, Leeds


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