2010 General Election Candidate Spend in Dewsbury

The amount spent by Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC’s) in Dewsbury in last years general election has been made public. Unsurprisingly it was the two of largest parties (Conservatives and Labour) candidates who spent the most.

Then Labour MP Shahid Malik who was unseated at the election by Torie candidate Simon Reevell spent a sum total of £25,475.18. Reevell and the Conservatives spent a sum total of £17,826.41 a considerable amount less than Malik and Labour.

The third biggest spender surprisingly was Independent candidate Khizar Iqbal, who spent more than the Liberal Democrat candidate. He spent a sum total of £9,826.45 on both his short and long campaign. The Lib Dem was next, Andrew Hutchinson spent £6,886.82, all of that was spent in the second half of the campaign with nothing being spent in the first phase.

The only other candidate to break the thousand pound barrier was Adrian Cruden of the Greens, who was the fifth highest spender with £2,644.50.  Roger Roberts of the far right BNP followed a similar pattern spending only in the second phase of the campaign, he spent a total of £400, with English Democrat Micahel Felse following a similar pattern spending only in the second phase of the campaign, he spent a total of £750.

How did this correlate? Well despite spending the most Shahid Malik came second with 17,372 votes. The Torie candidate won with 18,898 votes and despite spending a considerable amount, Independent, Iqbal came fourth behind the Lib Dem with 3,813 votes, the Lib Dems gained 9,150 votes.

A full comprehensive breakdown of all the candidates of all the constituencies can be found here courtesy of the Electoral Commission.

Candidate Party Spend Per Vote Votes Total Spent % of Vote
Simon Reevell Conservatives £0.94 18,898 £17,826.41 35
Shahid Malik Labour £1.46 17,372 £25,475.18 32.2
Andrew Hutchinson Liberal Democrats £0.75 9,150 £6,886.82 16.9
Khizar Iqbal Independent £2.58 3,813 £9,826.45 7.1
Roger Roberts British National Party £0.12 3,265 £400 6
Adrian Cruden Greens £3.11 849 £2,644.50 1.6
Michael Felse English Democrats £1.13 661 £750 1.2

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