EDL Plan Protest in Dewsbury

The Far-Right English Defence League is planning a demonstration in Dewsbury this Saturday. The group will be congregating at Dewsbury railway station car park at 11am, before being escorted to two pubs, Jack D’s and The Black Bull that the group has use of, this will then be followed by speeches and a static demo at 2pm.

The demonstration is being held because the EDL objects to what it calls “Islamification” of the UK. The group have targeted Dewsbury due to its large population of Muslims. They allege that certain parts of the town are no go areas for white people, such as the area of Savile Town.

“Our police force claim there are no ‘no-go’ areas in Dewsbury. Tell that to the people attacked on the bus going through Savile Town and the countless other incidents,” reads a letter to local newspaper The Press titled “Why should we protest in Dewsbury?”

The paper reports that the letter supposedly from John Cross of the Yorkshire EDL branch reads “In Dewsbury town centre within a mile and a half radius there are 36 mosques. In Dewsbury, certain schools have open ‘warfare’ between white and Asian pupils which is ‘hushed up’ countless racial attacks by Asian youths are dismissed by our police force.”

The police have also received notification of the demonstration from the EDL. The Divisional Commander of Kirklees Police said “We have received notification from local EDL members that they intend to hold a static demonstration outside Dewsbury Town Hall on the afternoon of Saturday June 11.”

He then went onto add in the video message on the West Yorkshire Police website. “West Yorkshire Police has a great deal of experience in policing these kinds of events and we are working with the council and communities to put plans in place. My aim is to ensure it is business as usual for the traders, businesses and the people of Dewsbury on the day.”

Local Councillor Khizar Iqbal is urging people to stay away, “I’d ask decent people not to get involved. I’m aware that they’ve been trying to hold one for a while but them being here is really not going to help Dewsbury” he said in The Press. Meanwhile MP for Dewsbury, Simon Reevell has condemned the EDL’s decision to hold a rally in Dewsbury.

A counter demonstration is also being planned by left-wing and pro-Islam groups.


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