In For The Kill Softly

Now I’m a massive La Roux fan. But I haven’t necessarily been impressed by her exploits in America. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that La Roux has received mainstream success and cracked the US market. But the collaborations with the likes of Kanye West aren’t my thing.

But today I stumbled across this video, which puts to bed any doubts that might have started to creep in to my mind about one of my favourite groups. They performed a stripped down version of hit single In For The Kill at the VEVO Go Show in Manhattan.

Many have attempted to cover the track, you only have to listen to Radio One Live Lounge, every other week there is someone massacring La Roux’s hit single. So it is only apt to see them do their own song justice with their own stripped down version laden with natural instruments.

This version is less harsh than the original, a smoother, classy, jazzy fare. You can almost envisage it accompanying  the climax of a modern day Double Indemnity. Venitian blinds, smoky room, silhouettes all in tow. Enjoy!


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