Is This The End of Craig’s Bond?

Daniel Craig has been lauded by critics as one of the best Bond’s since Sean Connery’s portrayal of the British spy, but the rumour mill has it that Daniel Craig may not return as 007.

The 23rd instalment of Bond was put on hold after MGM studios ran into financial troubles. Though it seems the studio has given the green light for filming to begin on the tentatively titled Bond 23. Sam Mendes who was slated to direct the film is said to be back on board and the studio are hoping to release the film in the autumn of 2012.

During the delay Daniel Craig signed up to play journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the film adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Sun newspaper in the UK is reporting that 42 year-old Craig’s third outing as 007 depends on his schedule although he is said to be keen on donning the tuxedo once again.

Other news outlets are reporting that the producers want to take the Bond to being a more light hearted character portrayed by the likes of Piers Brosnan and Roger Moore. Ever since his first outing in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig has brought edginess to the character that has long been missing.

“The plan is to return to the 007 format we all know and love,” an unnamed executive was quoted as saying in the News of the World. “There will be lots more sexy Bond girls. As for James, we’d like a return to a more suave, charming and light hearted Bond. We’re not sure if Daniel will be available.”

This has thrown in to doubt as to whether Daniel Craig will get a shot at playing 007 for a third time. Despite all the praise, winning over the critics with his display in Casino Royale and giving the franchise a shot in the arm following the reboot. It remains to be seen whether Daniel Craig is given the opportunity to cement his place amongst the likes of Roger Moore and Sean Connery as one of the greatest to fire a Walther PPK.


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