In Search of Love Etc.

It’s the 6th of March and I’m on the prowl in Huddersfield Town Centre frantically searching for a shop that will sell me a CD single- before I end up being late for my lesson. The CD single in question is the new single by the Pet Shop Boys called Love etc.

My search takes me to pastures and beyond well from HMV to Sainsbury’s at least. Not one store possesses the single not even one. It was an impossible task and finally I succumbed to the realisation. I wasn’t going to find the single no matter how hard I tried. I had hit the bottom of the barrel I even contemplated knocking on the closed doors of Zavvi- that is how far I had come in my search for the CD. It wasn’t a case of high demand their just weren’t any. HMV didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and told me that their system hadn’t been updated or some mundane excuse like that. But the more worrying moment was being rejected by Sainsbury’s, a supermarket where all things can be bought from socks to soup.

I thought my luck was in when I finally managed to negate my way to the music section- but no luck. I asked the nice lady stacking the shelves whether they had the Love etc. single in store. She gave me a rather puzzled look as if I had landed from Mars and retorted “Sorry, we don’t do singles.” It was the same when I visited WHSmith. I was feeling left bemused that two of the biggest names on the high street don’t sell singles, no sorry I was shell shocked! It’s not as if the CD I was looking for was dated, the day I went on the hunt for Love etc. was the day it had been released.

What struck me the hardest was a lack of other singles. HMV only stocked a few CD singles whilst other high street retailers didn’t even bother anymore. This lead me to look down at my iPod and ask the eternal question “has the internet and downloading killed the CD?” The popularity of internet downloads and commodities such as the IPod mean that there is no need for CD’s. As it is cheaper and takes up less space. Some would say it is inevitable the CD would cease to exist, just like CD’s had put Vinyl Records out of business. But something is being eroded.

Sure downloading is very convenient but not having CD’s around doesn’t seem right. I am just as guilty as anyone, nonchalantly sitting in front of my computer downloading away. Not knowing that my ignorance was killing off the humble CD.


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