Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Naughty Dog brings us the long awaited sequel to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. The third person shooter sees treasure hunter Nathan Drake return, this time he’s in the hunt for a precious stone in the Himalayan region.

The game throws the player straight in as they have to help Drake survive a train wreck. Then the player is thrown into a flashback and the game begins. The game is still effectively a third person shooter with puzzle elements as Drake and his complex companions set out to get there hands on the precious “Cintimani Stone” The first few chapters are very engaging and load of fun as the player has to scale walls, shoot and run whilst being chased by helicopters, Jeeps, tanks you name it.

But as the game wears on it begins to feel tiresome as some of the motions being to become tiresome. Never mind at least the storyline will be enough to captivate you right? Wrong, the plot suffers from the same fate of repetition, as it seems the producers of the game just seemed to get bored and to elongate the game decided to attach an extra five chapters when in actuality the game could have been wrapped and when the flashback ended. In fact that would have been a good way to bring the plot full circle.

But instead the player has to play through more chapters of the same thing. Jump and climb like a monkey and shoot like John McClane all whilst Drake goes through his smart-ass one liners, which are funny at first but then slowly become an irritant. Despite this the game does a good job of making you care for the main character which is very important in a third person shooter. The rest of the characters development is very lop sided. Betrayals are rife, which at first seemed a good way of engaging the player in the game but then just like the repetitive plot became annoying and results in a loss of interest to be frank.

The controls are surprisingly good especially the idea of switching to first person over the shoulder angle when shooting. The stealth elements are also very good. But the game really lets itself down when the character is required to multi task especially in the last level. That coupled with the endlessly repetitive plot and game play seriously lets this game down. It holds it’s own as an action adventure third person shooter but there are better games of a similar nature out there in the market like Metal Gear Solid 4.


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