Madge Still A Cause For Celebration

Recently the charts have been dominated by Lady Gaga. Such has been her success that many have dubbed her as the new Madonna.

The two have several things in common, the flamboyant dress sense, a penchant for the extra ordinary as well as the ability to churn out ridiculously catchy pop numbers. Whilst there is no arguing with the fact that Madonna is the more experienced of the two. Gaga has been making waves since she burst onto the scene at the beginning of the year.

Gaga already has two number one hits with Poker face and Just Dance. The New Yorker also reached the top ten with Paparazzi. She has also achieved relative success with other songs from her critically acclaimed album The Fame. Which includes collaborations with producers such as Timbaland (who has coincidentally also worked with Madge in the past).

But now Lady Gaga finds herself up against the current incumbent of the princess of pop throne, the ageless Madonna. Who returns with a new album called celebration. Celebration is very much a greatest hits album featuring classics such as Like a prayer and Frozen.

But the album does feature a new single also named Celebration, which reached number 3 in the UK singles chart. The single was co-written by Paul Oakenfold, does enough to show that Madge isn’t quiet ready to give up her crown yet. As she delivers another catchy dance floor beat, but at the same time provides her assured vocals, opposed to Gaga’s rather flimsy delivery.

But whilst these two acts are undoubtedly talented we don’t have to look far to see potential princesses of pop. In fact the British contingent of pop songstresses is greater than ever. La Roux, Florence and the Machine and Little Boots to name a few all bring there own unique sound to the party and mustn’t be overlooked.


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