Laura White – You Should Have Known

As if having to contend with the winner of X-factor and the runner-up and the third placed, fourth placed and fifth placed act getting a record deal. We now have Laura White (whose claim to fame is making the final twelve of the reality TV show) with a record deal. What is the point of dragging out the ruddy thing for several months if every bloody one is going to get a recording contract?

Ms White, 22 of Westhoughton was a contestant on last years show. It would be unfair to lump White in along with the rest of them from the Pop-Factor, as she does possess a jazzy voice that seems to be a cross between Duffy and Amy Winehouse. Except White’s delivery is weak and feeble compared to her peers Ms Duffy and Winehouse. She struggles like a hamster on a wheel to hit the high notes whilst she seems hit and miss with the mid range vocals.

This song is apparently a different direction for Laura and one obviously designed to gain commercial success. The video for this song consists of the usual trendily dressed black men gyrating provocatively and thrusting there nether regions at the screen, whilst White stands around in front of them passively looking pretty whilst still trying to seem resilient. Making the whole sorry affair looks as appealing as a car crash. Ms White and her publicity team are doing all they can to drum up publicity, she has already appeared on every other breakfast show on UK TV.

Despite this the song is poor, lacking any real direction, lacking meaningful lyrics and lacking in vocal delivery.


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