La Roux Reign Supreme in Leeds

Electro pop sensations La Roux were in Leeds as part of their November Tour this Friday. The group have been one of the most successful of the year chalking up a number one single “Bulletproof” and releasing a debut album which would have reached the top spot of the album charts had it not been for the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

They were supported by new fellow electro pop Londoner’s Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, who had the difficult task of getting the crowd warmed up, quite literally as many fans had been queuing for hours up on end in the cold rain. The boys went through their set playing songs such as “Jackson’s last stand” and debut single “Dance the way I feel.” After finishing up there was another long wait as the engineers got the set ready for La Roux to perform. Delays had been a prevalent feature of the evening as fans were made to wait an extra half hour as the doors were not opened until 7:30pm, which was followed by another wait for the stage to be set for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.

But just as some revellers started to get irritated, the lights dimmed and the now very familiar opening of “Tigerlily” hit and “La Roux” came up in bright white lights, followed by the members of the group taking up their positions on stage. Then came the woman of the hour Elly Jackson, with her iconic quiff she launched into “Tigerlily” with real verve and energy. She then followed this up with her next single “Quicksand” to be released on November 23rd, afterwards she revealed that she had been ill for the past few weeks and that she would be taking it slowly. But any wait in between was forgotten as she went through songs such as “Cover my eyes”, “Colourless Colour”, “Armour Love”, “Saviour”, “Fascination” and crowd favourite “In For The Kill”.

Elly and co saved the best for last with the encore, after leaving the stage many in the crowd had been miffed. But the lights dimmed again and the iconic synths of hit number one single “Bulletproof” blared out. The group returned and every man, woman and child present was bouncing and singing along to the song. The queuing in the cold rain was all but a distant memory as revellers left contempt at having witnessed Ms Jackson and Co deliver a great performance. As well as seeing a new group destined for the top in Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. The rain had even receded outside as a very successful show at the University of Leeds Refectory came to a close.


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