Discover Islam Week

“Discover Islam Week” is being held between Monday 22nd and Friday 26th February, at the Civic Quarter. The event is design to improve the understanding of one of the world’s largest religions.

Several activities will be held including Calligraphy, Henna and Tattoos, as well as free food and the opportunity to sample Arabic Sweets. Throughout the week talks will be held featuring guest speakers in Lecture Theatre B 2, at the Rose Bowl. The talks will highlight the many aspects of Islam and indeed Religion.

The first talk by Sheikh Atabek, titled “Cradle to the Grave” will be held at 5pm in Lecture Theatre B on Monday. This will be preceded by a talk on “Universal Prophets” by Sheikh Mohammed Ali at the same time on Tuesday. On Wednesday there will be a spirituality talk as well as free food at 7pm.

Thursday’s talk will focus on creativity and Islam at 5pm in Lecture Theatre B. The week will culminate in an interfaith event, with speakers from different religions, on Friday 4pm at the same place.

The event is being held by the Islamic Society and for more information contact them by e-mail or phone 07872941010.


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