The Hitman Looks to Bounce Back

The last time he was in the boxing ring the eyes of the world where bearing down on him. Only a tall dark figure shaded the “Hitman” from the glare of the Las Vegas lights. Yes the “Hitman” I’m referring to is Ricky Hatton and the tall dark fella is his last opponent Floyd Mayweather junior.

But now Ricky Hatton will face a totally different challenge from the one which he faced in Las Vegas on the 8th of December. The weight division will be different for starters as Hatton will now drop back down a weight from welter-weight to light welter-weight to defend his IBO light-welterweight title against Juan Lacanzo of Mexico. Hatton will be looking to bounce back from being floored by Floyd Mayweather in the 10th round. But unlike his last encounter in the ring this fight will be more of a low key affair as the fight will be held at the city of Manchester stadium rather than the glitz of MGM Garden Arena.

Lacanzo may not be in the same class or weight division as Mayweather but the 32 year old should pose a threat to Hatton’s IBO light welter-weight crown. The Mexican a former WBF lightweight holder who has won 37 of his 42 bouts will be looking to stop Hatton in his hometown. Whilst this will be Hatton’s first fight in his hometown since he beat Kostya Tszyu in 2005. Hatton has described this fight as a Homecoming fight after his failed attempt to conquer the United States. He said “It is a homecoming fight and it’s an absolute dream come true to be fighting back in Manchester.”

Hatton, 29 admits that he maybe coming to an end of his career saying “I’m down the home straight of my career with everything I have done so far.” But Hatton has faith in resurrecting his career having dropped back down to what he calls his natural weight. “I’m back down to my normal weight and it’s my aim to come back and slam the door on everyone who thinks I’m finished. You prove yourself to be great by coming back from obstacles which are put in front of you” said the 29 year old from Manchester.

The fights is being promoted by Ricky’s father Ray Hatton and although the fight with Lacanzo is to be announced officially, a deal has been made to hold the fight at the city of Manchester stadium ahead of venues such as Wembley. Hatton’s official website confirmed on Thursday 13th March that the fight would take place on Saturday 24th May. It also confirmed that the “homecoming” fight will be shown on sky box office. Tickets went on sale on Friday 14th March.


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